Competency Certification and Technical Regulation Directorate

1. The role of the directorate:-

Carrying out inspection works on power supply facilities for the success of the Authority's regulatory work. Electrical work (electrical wiring, electrical design and inspection) provides professional certification and electrical and electrical related business certification to ensure a safe and secure power supply.

2. Duties and Responsibilities of the Directorate:-

2.1. Issuance and renewal of electrical work certification;

2.2. Submission of technical standard code, grid code, customer service quality code, building electrical wiring code and other codes to the Board of Directors for approval and approval after approval.

2.3. Inspect the person who has been certified as well as the licensed electrician in compliance with the Energy Proclamation, Energy Regulation and Guidelines / Codes.

2.4. Recommend to the Authority Board for approval and evaluation of technical conditions for the purchase of electricity and network service agreements.

2.5. Certification and renewal of electromechanical and electrical contractors as well as consulting services

3. Services provided by the Directorate:-

3.1 Electrical Professional Certification Service

  • Electrical installation / electrical installation,

b. In electrical design and control;

  • Electrical inspection.

3.2. Electromechanical and Electrical Contract Certification3.3. Electromechanical and Electrical Consulting Service Certification.

4. Prerequisites for Service:-

  • Educational Qualification Certificate Certification Directive No. 001/2011 for the Electrical Occupational Certification Service is required. The guide for more information.
  • Commercial Certification of Electromechanical and Electrical Contractors and Consulting Services Sector Regulation Amendment for Certification of Electrical and Electrical Businesses Sectional Regulation No. 1/2010 is required to meet the required human resources, job logistics, etc. For more information. The guide We recommend that you contact us.

5. Forms for service (application form, etc.)

We would like to inform you that the Application Form for Professional Qualification and Business Qualification as well as Process Flow is available on this website.

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