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Regulatory body for electricity and energy efficiency:

The energy proclamation (810/2013) was issued in January 2014 and it is the law that defines regulations of electricity and energy efficiency & conservation. This law defines the powers of and duties of the Ethiopian Energy Authority which has been established with Council of Ministers Regulation No.308/2014 as energy sector regulatory body. It deals with license & certificate of competency issuance. Following the proclamation, The Authority is authorized to fully undertake the regulatory activities of energy sector.

The Energy Regulation is endorsed by the Council of Ministers in January 2019 and deals with License and Certificate of Competency in more detail including rights and obligations. It also discusses electricity and grid access issues. It has provisions on energy efficiency and conservation issues subject to the nature of the sector and international norms and practices.

Ethiopia’s Geothermal Energy Resource potential is estimated at 10GW.and it is necessary to ensure the conservation and development of this resource for the social and economic benefit and growth of the country. With the intention of putting in place the legal and regulatory framework to support geothermal power generation by both public and private sectors, for a successful development and use of this re- source, Geothermal Resources Development Proclamation (981/2016) was issued in September 2016.This law defines geothermal development issues in all streams.


Lideta Sub-City,Woreda 08,Kebele 7/14 at the back of D/Balcha Hospital, Sajdah Business Center bldg.3rd & 4th floor.

Phone: +251 550 77 35/52/54

Fax: +251 550 77 34

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