Stakeholders consultative meeting

To whom it may concern 

Subject: - Stakeholders consultative meeting

Ethiopian Energy Authority is currently drafting  a Directive for Issuance of Certificate to Captive power Suppliers  to better reflect the requirements for the effective development of Captive electricity supplying and Electricity Cooperatives  to generate, transmit or distribute electrical power supply for ones self-use or for any other interest which does not involve sales or export  to another party.

You have been identified as someone whose ideas and perspectives would contribute to addressing this important issue. On Friday, June 11/2021 at 8:30 AM we will be meeting with stakeholders at Ghion Hotel to begin to discuss these issues and develop shared and agreed-upon ideas.  This meeting will last no more than a half day. 

To this end please review the attached draft Directive under consideration for your comment and input. Your email feedback by June 7 /2021 will be greatly appreciated before we meet on meeting on June/11   2021. You may also share/forward the draft to other relevant stakeholders (especially from the private sector) who you think might provide important input. 

    Thanks and best regards